Acryl polishing maschine Bu/FFR

Material thickness
from 2mm to 70mm
Material length
9000 - 22000rpm
Feeding speed
300mm/min to 2500mm/min
from 0° to 65°

Our Acryl polishing maschine Bu/FFR is a further development of the earlier polishing machine .

Our polishing milling machine is characterized by extremely short set-up times. The system is flexible and, because of its simplest usability, can also be operated by trained personnel.

Any angle and facet width can be set within a very short time.

The type BU / FFR can process material thicknesses of up to 70 mm on right-angled edges. Facets up to an angle of up to 65 ° are possible up to a material thickness of approx 40 mm. Spindlespeed ​​and feed are stepless variable. The chip removal is also continuously adjustable between 0 and 1.0 mm.

The wide range of setting options ensures excellent polishing results. It is not necessary to readjust the machine after changing the milling head.

For the processing of longer and higher workpieces, extensions of the inlet and outlet tracks are optionally available. Corresponding height guides above the milling plane are also optionally available.


Digital display feed + speed

The machine has digital displays for precise setting of the values ​​for feed and speed.

Interchangeable milling cutters (polishing cutters / matting cutters)

Depending on the desired polishing pattern, we offer you the appropriate milling cutter.

These can easily be exchanged and you can continue working without any further settings.

Adjusting milling angle

The milling angle can be easily and stepless adjusted using a handwheel and is displayed digitally.

Chip extraction

In order to avoid chips flying around in the workshop, they are extracted directly from the polishing cutter after they have arisen.

Stepless adjustable material removal rate

The material removal rate can be continuously adjusted between 0mm and 1mm using an adjustment device.

Accident prevention by covering the cutter

The switched-on polishing cutter is covered by the feed belts and cannot be reached.

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