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Reichel GmbH develops, produces, sells and maintains processing machines for plastic sheets such as acrylic glass / Plexiglas / PC and many more.

We specialize in the manufacture of machines for bending, polishing and heating semi-finished plastic products.

We would be happy if you benefit from our many years of experience.

  • Abkühltisch zum Biegen von Kunststoffplatten z.b. PMMA, Polycarbonat


The bending of thermoplastic plastics such as Acrylic glass / Plexiglas is made possible by the introduction of thermal radiation.

Here, the material is heated at the desired point until it reaches the thermoplastic state and it can be bent without great mechanical stress.

After the material has cooled, it retains the desired shape.


When polishing plastic, a distinction is made between two processes:

-Polishing milling

-Flame polishing

During polishing milling, the workpiece is moved evenly past a diamond-tipped polishing head. A light chip is removed and a flawless surface is left behind.

Flame polishing is used on workpieces which usually do not have straight edges. In this process, the surface is exposed to a hydrogen flame, which melts it. After it has cooled down again and thus solidified, a polished surface remains.


The full-surface heating of plastic sheets for forming (overlay forming, pressure forming, vacuum warm forming, etc.) is carried out by irradiating the material using infrared or contact elements.

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Which one you should choose depends on some factors in your processes.

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Special machines

Special machines for processing semi-finished products are also manufactured on request.

We also offer professional advice on processing the respective products.

Spare parts & service

Of course, you will receive the entire range of any spare parts you may need from us.

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