Wide area bending machine

Our plastic bending machine fore wide areas was designed for the folding of thick material and the creation of large bending radii.

Thanks to our easy-to-use parallel adjustment of the cooling strips,
the machines can be set up for their next job quickly and easily.


1Partial stop with measuring device
Precise setting of the stop is essential to achieve high repeat accuracy. The set dimension can be read off exactly on a measuring scale.
After you have set your desired heating time, you do not have to worry about missing the perfect sampling time and you can devote yourself to other activities.
3Acoustic + optical signal
The elapsed heating time is signaled to you optically and acoustically.
4Stepless adjustable heating output
The heating output of the powerful double radiators can be stepless adjusted.
5Stepless adjustable heating zone width
The width of the heating zone, which is determined by the distance between our aluminum cooling strips, can be easily and conveniently set in parallel using a newly developed stepless adjustment device. Different radii can only be reliably implemented with an adjustable heating zone width.
6Work table extensions
The work table can be extended on request. This means that even large formats can be processed without any problems.