Flexible - and expandable

Our plastic bending machine Bu / Gh is ideally suited for linear, contactless heating of thermoplastic plastic sheets.
It can be used to bend acrylic glass / plexiglass, polycarbonate, styrene, PETG, polystyrene, PVC and many other thermoplastics without any problems.

The device has a solid construction. The modular system allows the
equipment with different numbers and types of heating systems.


Can be combined with these heating systems

GlowwiresystemSlim infrared heaterInfrared heater
Material thickness1 - 10mm2 - 20mm3 - 30mm
Heating zone5 - 40mm15 - 80mm20 - 120mm
Radius (90°)2 - 20mm9 - 45mm13 - 70mm
Lengths1100 - 3100mm1100 - 3100mm1100 - 3100mm


Kunststoff-Biegemaschine für Kunststoffplatten Verstellung der Erwärmzone

Stepless adjustable heating zone width

The width of the heating zone, which is determined by the distance between our aluminum cooling strips, can be easily and conveniently set in parallel using a newly developed stepless adjustment device. Different radii can only be reliably implemented with an adjustable heating zone width.
Biegemaschine für Kunststoffplatten verstellbarer Anschlag

Part stop + parallel adjustment + counter (optional)

We have developed a parallel adjustment system that guarantees short machine set-up times for quick adjustment of the machine for its next task.
Kunststoff-Biegemaschine für Kunststoffplatten ausziehbare Materialauflage

Extendable support

Support your workpiece with a 400mm extendable support.
Kunststoff-Biegemaschine für Kunststoffplatten Heizdrahthoehenverstellung

Heating wire height adjustment

For quick setting of the heating wire height with readable measurement display.
Biegemaschine für Kunststoffplatten Strahlerhoehenverstellung

Infrared heater height adjustment

For easy adjustment of the distance from the heating medium to the workpiece
Biegemaschine für Kunststoffplatten Zeitschaltuhr


After you have set your desired heating time, you do not have to worry about missing the perfect sampling time and you can devote yourself to other activities.
Biegemaschine für Kunststoffplatten Automatisches öffnen

Automatic opening (optional)

Save time and money by using the "automatic opening" function . After the heating time has elapsed you only have to remove the workpiece from the machine that is already open.
Biegemaschine für Kunststoffplatten Spaltöffnung

Opening movement limitation for quick reequiping (optional)

The "opening movement limitation" reduces the reequipingtime for small parts and makes the process more profitable.
Kunststoff-Biegemaschine für Kunststoffplatten Kühlwassertank

Coolant tank in the machine + stainless steel pump (optional)

Durch das integrieren des Kühlwassertanks in die Maschine sparen Sie platz in ihrer Produktion.